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  • Phone:+8613049349747
  • Address:101 Room, Building 1#, No 15, Changan Xingfa South Road,Changan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China


We have compiled our answers to frequently asked questions in one easily accessible area so you can quickly find helpful information. This is a great place to start if you have general inquiries about our products.
  • +Benefits of Enchuang die castings

    1. Cost-effective high volume production
    2. Value engineering achieves cost savings
    3. Part consolidation eliminates operations
    4. Manufacture of complex net shapes
    5. Consistent quality over high volumes
    6. Tight tolerances achieved as cast
    7. Minimal draft angles on internal features
    8. Long tool die life
    9. Lower tool cost on multi-slide process-ss

  • +Engineering and Mold

    • We have engineer design team and mold manufacturing team.
    • Our mold design engineers have over 15+ years mold design and manufacture experiences in
    • diecasting industry.
    • We have project engineers follow up the whole process for customer's projects.
    • We have spark machines,milling machines,grinding machines,wire cutting machine and
      high precision processing equipments. Process the molds with strict control in every steps.


  • +Our advantages:Product development direction

    Product development direction : precision and finish both control well.
  • +Our advantages:quality system of IATF16949

    Follow and execute quality system of IATF16949.
  • +Our advantages:stabilized and outsourced electroplating suppliers

    We have stabilized and outsourced electroplating suppliers, former FCI electroplating expert_Doctor
    Quan is our plating technical consultant.
  • +Our advantages_ Automatic production

    Automatic production:Die casting machine with ABB arm;Small die casting parts equipped with CCD automatic check machine; Small die casting parts with automatic packing machine.
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